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We'd hit it off just great, I thought
You played the perfect part
Ensnared all my waking hours
And stole my fragile heart

You tricked me into trusting you
And blindly I believed
All the lies that you had fed to me
I was thoroughly deceived

You hurt me well and truly
With not a thought but to yourself
Our love, if you can call it that
Was a betrayal in itself

The minute I outlived my use
You left me standing there
No goodbye, nor apology
Just a vast pit of despair

You went straight back into her arms
As if nothing had happened
It was just a bit of fun to you
The reason your soul is blackened

It has taken time, but once again
My heart's begun to heal
The hole is slowly filling in
And the cracks started to seal

But then I saw you walk right by
A simple twist of fate
Where once your eyes were bright with life
They were now filled with hate

I don't know what she did to you
But I can guess that you're to blame
You brought this all upon your self
You have been played at your own game

A few days later I heard the news
Of how this story came to end
She was the one to bring you down
And now it's your heart that must mend.
Not really sure if i like this or if its up to my usual standard :/ Any thoughts? Comments/Critique would be appreciated please!
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September 10, 2011
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